About the Instructor

Mr. Peter Jewell, Director, HOFTCO Pty Ltd

Peter is the Director of HOFTCO Human Organisational Factors Training Consultancy which on July 1st 2016 acquired SJH Aviation Consulting (formerly trading as Baines Simmons Australasia).

Peter achieved his license as a Crew Resource Management Instructor CRMI with the UK CAA in 2003. With a background as aircrew on business jet aircraft, he later went on to ground and simulator (UK CAA) instructing for FlightSafety International. He also has Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training.

Peter has delivered CRM / Human Factors training to Management, Flight Deck Crew, Cabin Crew, Engineering and Operational teams including Train-the-Trainer (Instructor) Courses. Training has been delivered to over forty operators in fifteen countries to date.

Peter had previously been involved in training since the early 1980s in both maritime and aviation safety critical activities.

Other capabilities include:
 Crew/ Team Resource Management and Facilitation
 Effective Event Investigation (Maintenance) training
 Just Culture training
 Human Factors training
 Non-Technical Skills & Assessment

Peters passion is to help people become safer and more efficient which is good for businesses and their employees.


Did you know?

80% of Incidents & Accidents occur as a result of Human & Organisational Factors


A few words from some of our customers
The presenter effectively draws in the participants & delivers information in an instructive yet entertaining way.

Airport operator West Australia

HF (Human Factors) course
The teacher Peter is very awesome. I want my colleagues to get his class.

Airline training Captain Osaka, Japan

EEI (Effective Event Investigator) course
Provides useful information delivered excellently, with an added sense of humour which made the day more enjoyable& with that great knowledge with examples. Fantastic presentation by Peter, Thanks

Emergency aero-medical operator engineer, Perth West Australia

HF (Human Factors) course
Engaged and passionate about his job.

Airline Engineer, Melbourne Australia

HF (Human Factors) - MRM (Maintenance Resource Management) course
Thank you for teaching us so many interesting things. I hope at the end you were satisfied with us!

Senior airline cabin crew trainer, Croatia

CRM (Crew Resource Management) Instructor, Train the Trainer course
Very entertaining and interesting course, carefully thought out the criteria very well.

Cabin crew, intercontinental business jet, Farnborough, UK

CRM course